Earn up to 5.9% interest yearly.

No bank can do this for you.
Register, deposit, and supercharge your savings.

Too good to be true?

The lending mechanism behind it and how it works.

Crypto Investors ...

There are crypto investors who believe in crypto potential so much that they even borrow money to buy more, despite the fact that they need to pay high interest for it.

... and how do you get your interest from them?

When you deposit your money, it becomes a loan for crypto investors that is backed up with collateral. While they are paying for the loan, you earn up to 5.9% yearly interest.
In short, you supercharge your savings by lending (financing) your assets to others who are prepared to pay high interest for it.
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Up to 5.9% interest on my deposit? How?

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Let your money work for you
Earn up to 5.9% interest, while your working capital remains untouched.
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You can withdraw your funds 24h after your deposit.
Secure storage
Deposited assets are put into a smart contract that is safeguarded by mathematics and protocols.
Powered by ICONOMI
A cryptocurrency platform that has been saving investors time since 2016.
Connected to ‘Compound’
The protocol for algorithmic money markets on the Ethereum blockchain.
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How can your money tree grow?

Use the calculator and find out what would happen if you invest 10, 100, or 1,000 EUR?

Pretty cool, for passive income, right?

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